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Thursday, June 02, 2005

State Supreme Court Judge sides with Bloomberg/MTA in Stadium Suit.

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Score a big win for Bloomberg and the Jets. State Supreme Court Justice Herman Cahn ruled today that there were "no irregularities" in the MTA's bidding process that, amazingly enough, awarded the West Side rail yards to the Jets, the lowest bidder. OK....

From the Times

In Victory for Bloomberg, Judge Dismisses Stadium Site Suit

The contentious $2 billion stadium proposal, the key to New York's Olympic hopes in 2012, scored a major victory Thursday when a Manhattan judge ruled there were no irregularities in the bidding process that awarded the West Side rail yards to the New York Jets.
The decision by state Supreme Court Justice Herman Cahn came at a key juncture for New York's Olympic organizers, since members of the International Olympic Committee will receive an evaluation of the city's bid on Monday. Without the stadium, the city's chances of winning the bid on July 6 would be slim.
"We are extremely pleased with today's court decision regarding the Olympic Stadium," said Jay Kriegel, executive director of the NYC2012 organizing group. "The court has ruled in favor of the stadium, and totally rejected all of the bogus arguments intended to stop the project."
Madison Square Garden, owned by Cablevision Systems Corp., had charged the Metropolitan Transportation Authority with conducting "a sham bidding process" in making its decision. Cablevision had submitted a higher bid for the property than the Jets. But a judge sided with the NFL team and the MTA.
"An analysis of the MSG arguments and the MTA powers leads to the conclusion that the MTA did not act in an arbitrary and capricious manner," Cahn ruled. His decision also dismissed three other lawsuits brought against the stadium plan by politicians and watchdog groups.

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Look, the Jets were shamed into raising their bid for the rail yards after MSG made a substantially higher bid, and were still awarded the property even though their new bid was still lower than MSG's. The final price is less than a third of its appraised value and not the highest bid. Now a judge says that there were "no irregularities" in the process. Sweet.
This deal has stunk to high heaven since before it was announced and now the stench is just that much greater. The MTA, who has enacted two fare increases in the past couple of years and claims that they have no money to improve L train service in my neighborhood, apparently can let its most valuable assets go for pennies on the dollar to friends of the Bloomberg/Doctoroff machine. And now a State Supreme Court Justice concludes that there's nothing odd going on here. Peachy.
I bet this judge works cheap too. I betcha Bloomberg and Pataki didn't have to spend anywhere near the $800 million they dropped into Sheldon Silver's district last week to get this judge to debase himself in favor a $2 billion dollar boondoggle that most New Yorker's don't want.


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