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Thursday, May 26, 2005

whatever bloomie wants...

...bloomie gets.

except he's now buying favors with your money.

from the times:

$800 Million to Be Spent Downtown

Gov. George E. Pataki and Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg announced $800 million worth of projects for Lower Manhattan yesterday, including cobblestone streets around the New York Stock Exchange, a new elementary school on Beekman Street and improvements in Chinatown.

Many of the projects are intended to bring further life to a neighborhood still recovering from the Sept. 11 attack, after a protracted period of wrangling over how the money should be spent. But they are also dear to the heart of Sheldon Silver, the State Assembly speaker, who represents the area and has been pushing for more government money and attention downtown. Next week, he will be a crucial voice in the debate over the proposed West Side stadium.


But the spending list was also the bluntest example yet of the link between the rebuilding of Lower Manhattan and the fate of the stadium. The state Public Authorities Control Board, on which Mr. Silver controls the Assembly's vote, could take up the stadium question as early as next week, and in the days leading up to the vote, stadium supporters have made an all-out effort to win over Mr. Silver.

In one demonstration, a majority of the City Council yesterday signed a letter encouraging him and the leader of the State Senate, Joseph L. Bruno, to give the stadium their blessing. The 28 council members specifically backed the mayor's plan to spend $300 million in city money on the project, which will make it difficult for Council Speaker Gifford Miller, a stadium opponent, to block the spending.

The letter was a blow to Mr. Miller, who has used his opposition to the stadium as the cornerstone of his mayoral campaign. But he said he was unfazed.

"When they actually have to vote to take $300 million out of schools, senior centers and subways in their district and put it toward a football team," he said, "I know they'll vote in favor of their constituents and against the stadium."

Two stadium supporters and one member of Mr. Bruno's staff said Mr. Bruno received a call last week from Andrew H. Card Jr., the White House chief of staff, urging him to support the stadium. But Mr. Bruno did not seem to have budged from his ambivalence, saying yesterday that he still had many questions about the project.

Mr. Silver also declined to change his public position of serious doubt about the wisdom of the stadium, even after yesterday's announcement about the downtown projects. He said he did not regard the announcement as having anything to do with proposals he unveiled last week for revitalizing commercial life downtown using tax credits and incentives for moving jobs to Lower Manhattan.

no, i'm sure the decision to dump $800 million bucks into silver's district had nothing to do with the stadium. nothing at all.

wonder what bruno is gonna get....


Anonymous phillip said...

oh, and just what the fuck is WH chief of staff's Andy Card doing weighing in on the stadium? does the WH have an official pro-stadium position? WTF?

7:22 PM

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