this blog is exists for discussion about the drinking liberally chapter in the williamsburg/greenpoint neighborhood of brooklyn, ny, as well as issues facing our little corner of the world. our drinking liberally chapter meets every tuesday at THE LEVEE, 212 berry st. @ 8pm. come on out and see us sometime.... saving democracy one pint at a time.

Saturday, April 30, 2005


So tonight Greg and I saw a Vespa gang of about two dozen young, white hipsters pull up to the Royal Oak in Williamsburg. Needless to say, we were laughing pretty hard.

Then this article was in the Saturday Times:
NYT: Rolling Out With a Buzz, Not a Roar

Friday, April 29, 2005

defend brooklyn!


Big Williamsburg/Greenpoint Rally on Monday!

WHEN: Monday, May 2nd, 1PM

WHERE: City Hall Steps, downtown Manhattan

WHO: Williamsburg/Greenpoint community leaders side by side with
city-wide community representatives from neighborhoods as varied as
Prospect Heights, Red Hook, Chelsea and Harlem.

WHAT: Press conference and rally. Community groups from across the
city offer their reaction to Monday's Land Use Committee vote on the
the Williamsburg/Greenpoint rezoning plan.

The community of Williamsburg / Greenpoint faces one of the most
aggressive rezonings in NYC's history. Four thousand industrial jobs
are at risk of being lost, 10,000 people could be displaced from their
homes, the area's personable small businesses will be pushed out to
make way for less community-oriented chain stores. Under City
Planning's rezoning proposal for the area, the density of the
development would cause the population  to rise by 25% without the
schools, hospitals, parks, and transportation necessary to support it.
The City's plan would allow the construction of twenty-two 40-story
luxury condominium towers (taller than the Williamsburg Bridge) in this
predominately three and four story community's waterfront.
Recognizing the potential devastation from this top-down development
system, communities City-wide have come to the aide of Williamsburg and
Greenpoint to stand up in solidarity for the importance of community
involvement in planning  and to oppose this breathtaking scope proposed
for Williamsburg and Greenpoint by the Bloomberg administration.

Photo OP: props and signs identifying the more than 1 dozen
neighborhoods groups represented at the event.

come on out monday! it's crunch time, kids. this will be one of our last chances to make some noise about the city's plan to soho-ify our neighborhood. hope to see you there.

some pics from tuesday 4/26

our new home, the levee.

phillip, mike, mfs and amy get their drinkin' on.

(photos by randy)

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

I am here too!

i'll notify Justin and Katrina and David (the founders of Drinking Liberally)


we're live, bitches!

the drinking liberally - williamsburg/greenpoint blog is live and fresh, yo! feel free to say hi!

oh, and we have a new home! the williamsburg/greenpoint chapter of DL now meets every tuesday at THE LEVEE @ 8pm. they've got a great jukebox, a pool table as well as $2 PBRs and frito pie! THE LEVEE is located at:

212 berry st. (berry and n. 3rd st.)
brooklyn, ny 11211

hope to see ya there!